Compact and easy to use, to keep into your pocket or handbag, dispenser by PHABA is the best packaging solution to have sweetener tablets always with you. Available in two measures (for 100 and 300 tablets), PHABA dispenser have an automatic trigger for distribution of single tablets of standard size. For oversized tablets PHABA has another dispenser with a lever on the lid for a manual opening. Dispenser are suitable for sweetener tablets of sucrose, aspartame or the natural Stevia.

Dispenser for Sweetener Tablets
● Materials:
For dispenser and lid: PP/PS
For trigger: PP
● Standard colors:
For dispenser: white
For trigger and lid: blue, red, yellow, green, purple

● Dispenser with trigger for tablets’ automatic distribution, dispenser in different sizes, removable flat or rounded lid
Dispenser for standard tablets: dimension tablet 5x2mm
● Sizes (number of tablets): 100/150  – 300/350

● Dispenser with rounded lid with flip-top lever for manual opening
● Dimension of the hole for tablets’ distribution : 6×10 mm

● Other colors for dispenser, trigger and lid available on request