PHABA produces many kinds of screw plastic caps, suitable for principal neck’s diameters (18-24-28-31-39 mm) and standard threads (screw, PFP) of glass and plastic bottles. As kinds of closure, PHABA produces simple caps, with Tamper Evident TE, and with Childproof CRC system. A particular line of caps is the talcum one, characterized by little holes for powder’ supply. These caps are used on bottles of talcum or starch powder for baby and feet care.

Screw Caps
● For bottles with standard PFP neck
● Various sizes: ø 16 – 18 – 24 – 28 – 31 – 39 mm
● Various models: standard cap, cap with hole for dropper’s pump
● Standard colors: neutral, white, black. Other colors 100% customizing
● Closures: simple, with Tamper Evident TE (for ø 18 and 24), childproof CRC, CRC + TE (for ø 18)
● With PE liners: flat, thickness 0.8/1.5mm, conical section, self sealing wrap “safegard”
● Extra: possibility of single packaging in dust-free bags

Pressure Caps
● Various sizes: ø 20 – 37 mm
● Various models: standard cap, cap with littles holes for powder
● Closures: simple (ø 20 mm), with tamper evident (ø 37 mm)
● Standard colors: neutral, white. Other colors 100% customizing