Desiccant assemblies are one of the most important items by PHABA. They are made of caps + canister of silica gel. Silica gel has many applications, from pharmaceutical to chemical, from electronics to domestic uses… Every time that is necessary to preserve products or medical devices from moisture. Desiccant caps are made of aluminum or plastic cap with canister filled up with a different percentage of silica gel (from 0,6 to 3 gr). If intact, desiccant kit by PHABA has two years guarantee.

Screw Caps
● Material: aluminum / PP
● Various sizes: ø 24 – 28 – 31 – 35 – 38
● Standard colors of caps: white, gold. Other colors to verify on request
● Closures: with tamper evident

Pressure Caps
● Material: Santoprene / PE
● Various sizes: ø 25 (for tubes for effervescents)
● Standard colors of caps : white, neutral. Other colors to verify on request
● Closures: simple (ø 20), with tamper evident (ø 25)

● With dessicant canister PE / Blend (Santoprene + PE) filled with Silica Gel (from 0,6 to 3 gr)
● Standard colors of gel: brown, white

Note: the assembly «caps + canister with Silica Gel» is packed in special double barrier bags, that preserves gel from humidity, with a two years guarantee