PHABA was established more than 30 years ago. The Head Quarter is located in Burago Molgora, East hinterland of Milan, in the North of Italy. During the years it became a reference point in plastic packaging for pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields, in Italy and all over the world. Always focused on research and innovation, PHABA is able to realize new items, following the modern market’s trends and customer’s specific needs.

PHABA is certified  ISO 9001:2015, and every day pursues high standards of quality and professionalism.

The main customers, who have chosen PHABA since more than 20 years, are important Multinational Corporations of pharmaceutical and dietary fields, located in Italy and all over the world.

The production process is located in apposite areas, in compliance with the strict regulations of Quality regulations. All the equipment (injection presses, blowing machineries and automatic assembly) are of the latest generation and work at full strength

The wide range of products includes: insertion assembly dropper; caps with simple closure, childproof and tamper evident; caps with desiccant silica gel; dispenser for sweetener tablets; measuring cups and spoons; PE bottles for liquid and powder; vaginal applicators for cream/tablets and ovules; enemas and micro-enemas and so on.

In addiction to the standard items, PHABA can satisfy specific needs, with packaging solutions custom-made, studied in details. Some item can be realized also with biodegradable material.